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 Happy Teacher In-School Workshops 

An in-school workshop for all your languages teachers is an ideal way for you to:


  • look at and try out products to discover the variety of ways they can be used in classrooms
  • gain an understanding of how these resources can be used to develop students’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
  • get ideas on approaches that engage students more actively in their language-learning
  • discover the educational research behind The Happy Teacher materials
  • go back to classrooms feeling motivated to implement fresh ideas and exciting activities
  • enhance your teaching with activities that increase student confidence, fluency and accuracy
Happy Teacher Workshops are available after school (2-hour sessions) or during school hours (2-hour, half-day or full-day sessions) and can be carried out with whole LOTE departments, small or large groups of language teachers (eg. language-specific), or in classes working with students. These are currently only available in metropolitan Melbourne but please Contact Us to talk to Sarah Pavy, our Educational Consultant, about the range of possibilities even if you are not in the region.

Sarah has experience in a range of areas related to language learning and teaching, including:

  • engaging boys in language learning
  • vocational language learning
  • motivation
  • behaviour management
  • developing engaging materials and activities
  • curriculum design and backward planning for language teaching
  • producing resources
  • the use of authentic resources
  • writing valid and effective practice examinations
  • evaluating and enhancing your LOTE programme
  • differentiation
  • inquiry teaching and learning